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  •  BSP leverages our large block of ancillary business with our carriers to help our agents get the best possible new business rates and renewal assistance. 


  • Access to head underwriting teams. Negotiating new business rates and renewal rates are part of our service.


  • Looking to condense your staff's your workload?  BSP generates comparison spreadsheets for any groups above 10 lives.  Let BSP shop the marketplace and report back to you with a variety of plan options available.    


  • Stability.  Broker use BSP because our sales and service teams are here year after year.  Compared to the high turnover in the direct rep arena, agents can rely on us to help grow their business every year. 


  • Compensation.  Agents receive the same compensation and pricing they receive direct from the carriers. Your proposal request can indicate standard agent commission or level commissions, and payments are made direct to you from the carrier. Any applicable agent bonus programs are not affected by using BSP.
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